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Are we safe?
This question is asked every day at thousands of locations, meeting places and buildings around the world.

Weekly press and media reports inform us of our weaknesses which in turn may encourage potential perpetrators.

In fact we could be in grave danger.

What can we do to improve?
As a responsible organization you have invested wisely in security. You could have strategically placed, technologically sophisticated security checkpoint(s). You may use walk-through metal detectors, hand wands, X-ray machine’s and trace detection equipment. You will have the best, most vigilant security personnel available.

All of your investment in technology and manpower is severely undermined without the skills and knowledge to clearly identify and isolate threat and illegal items on a potential intruder, in their luggage or within your equipment during the screening process.

The most effective way to gain these skills and knowledge is through constantly updated information and training linked to regular practice and ’hands on’ experience.

Based upon unrivalled security, education and technology expertise SKS provides security checkpoint solutions to many of the world’s most high profile “target” organizations. We work with our client’s security personnel to give them the tools to identify threats and illegal items such as knives, guns, drugs and sophisticated “Improvised Explosive Devices (IED’s)” through practical, knowledge based skills and understanding rather than hopeful good luck!

Contact SKS – We will significantly improve the knowledge and detection skills of your security personnel.


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